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Our wines

The Christine Vernay cuvées

The reds have today sealed the reputation of the Estate, while the whites remain fabled... Each wine is a journey, each tells its own story.

Coteau de Vernon
Intensity, finesse and length

A complex yet elegant wine, Coteau de Vernon is one of the finest expressions of the subtlety of the Viognier grape. Depending on the vintage, this unique Condrieu, from the very centre of the Condrieu appellation and the estate, presents aromas of yellow fruits, fresh and candied citrus fruits and exotic fruits, along with notes of spices, tobacco, wood and leathers and a lingering bitter finish. Its balance is always perfect, with plenty of freshness, vegetal and menthol notes, white flowers and a very good acidity. Coteau de Vernon is a fine, tight, self-assured, precise and delicate wine with a restrained exuberance, a quintessential Condrieu.

Chaillées de l’Enfer
Vigour & balance

Les Chaillées de l’Enfer is a wine « with incredible charm ». It blends fruit (apricot, pear, white peaches) with citrus fruits, waxy notes and other more floral (white flowers, rose, violets), more vegetal (mint, thyme, etc.) and spicy (ginger, saffron) notes.
A tight Condrieu with saline and iodine tones, elegant, with a lovely freshness, this is a white of great purity with a perfect balance that could be called closed and tense.

Terrasses de l’Empire
Fruit & freshness

The Condrieu « Les Terrasses de l’Empire » is the archetypal fruity wine, with inimitable aromas of white peach, apricot kernels and white almonds and a finesse that perfectly represents the charm of the style. This is an elegant, extremely harmonious wine with great freshness, best enjoyed young.

Le Pied de Samson
The sumptuous Viognier

More complex than it appears, Pied de Samson takes its name from the giant Samson who, stooping to drink water from the Rhône, left his footprint not far from the estate. It presents the Viognier in its original form with expressions of indulgent fruits and freshness. In blind tastings it is often mistaken for a Condrieu; on the palate it is a pure moment of pleasure !

Maison Rouge
Intensity, elegance, length

Dark fruits, oriental spices, smoke, liquorice, cigar-boxes, chocolate, black pepper… This Côte-Rôtie launched by Christine has sealed the Estate’s reputation, as much as Vernon: from mature Syrah vines in the Maison Rouge locality, it has an incomparable class! Structured, perfectly balanced, it is as sensuous and full-bodied, as it is spicy and enchanting. The tannins are assertive, but the mastery of its vinification creates an exceptionally silky, velvety palate. Intensity, elegance, harmony, sensuality…

Blonde du Seigneur
Finesse, fullness, delicacy

This côte blonde-style Côte-Rôtie with 5% Viognier, is the perfect blend of intensity and delicacy. A dark colour with a mineral smoky nose with dark fruits, black olive and pepper all enhanced by a floral component brought by the Viognier. This is a highly aromatic and elegant wine. With well-constructed but perfectly smooth tannins, this Côte-Rôtie is well-rounded on the palate with a beautiful long finish. Smooth and sensual, it expresses an immediate pleasure.

Dame Brune
Sensuality & minerality

La Dame Brune, a wine produced from mature 45-year old vines planted on the granite slopes of Saint-Joseph, presents an exemplary minerality combined with the most beautiful Syrah notes of dark fruits, spices, pepper and black olives. In its youth it has smoothness and a remarkable structure, this is a wine that can be enjoyed for its balance and uniqueness, which extends the pleasure…

Terres d’encre
Dark fruits & spices

Dark fruits, liquorice, subtle spices, red pepper, chocolate, woodlands, woody notes. Terre d’Encre (literally translated as ‘Lands of Ink’) is a wine worthy of its name. This dark-coloured wine is produced from 30-year-old Syrah vines planted on granite soils in the municipality of Chavanay. It presents the spicy structure and body of the estate’s fine wines.

Depth & delicacy

Intense on the nose and full on the palette with red berries after a frank attack with good acidity. A saline freshness but spicy, peppery structure, Saint-Agathe, produced from mature Syrah vines on the Condrieu appellation, plays remarkably well on the Syrah, a very pleasant wine, finely crafted like all the Estate’s wines.

Fleur de mai
A gourmet wine

This cuvée, produced from mature Syrah vines offers a taste very similar to that of a Côte-Rôtie! Its name is derived from the variety of peach trees that were once planted on this May Flower plot. This is wine with intense aromas of green pepper, black cherries, game and spices that wrap around a smooth, balanced, mature, lasting and fresh texture. It is produced in limited quantities.