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Christine Vernay

Christine Vernay

Christine Vernay took over from her father in1996. Once a teacher at the ENA, she grew up on these hillsides and the scent of mint, the taste of acacia and the delicacy of the violets runs through in her veins.
Through hard work and commitment, she has raised the celebrated estate that her father left her to the top of the podium and amassed a number of titles including “Man” of the year in 2012 (Bettane & Desseauve), Member of the Académie du Vin of France and the International Academy of Wine (AIV). She is also recognised as an outstanding winemaker and today makes some of the finest wines, some of which have been awarded the famous 100/100. She has just been honoured in the Revue du Vin de France’s Guide Vert 2020 with its famous 3 stars…

 » There is a link
between the Coteau de Vernon
and the philosopher Marcus Aurelius.
The winemaker Christine Vernay and her belief
that a form of happiness is possible
in what makes nature itself content.
A state of mind that has created the best wines
from the northern Rhône Valley. »
Les Cuvées de conviction
de Christine Vernay,

Stéphane Reynaud,
Le Figaro Vin,  2018


Over 20 years running the Estate, over 20 vintages...


Christine takes over from her father. “I wanted to return to these lands where I grew up and over which my father watched so carefully. To take on this responsibility, do my best for them.”

1996 - 2006

For 10 years, Christine Vernay manages the work in the vineyards and the wine making process on her own.


As the Estate develops, Christine Vernay expands her teams, suggesting to her brother Luc that he joins her. Since then he has managed the work in the vineyards.


Christine Vernay creates her 20th vintage. This same year her Coteau de Vernon 2015 lands the famous 100. Over the last 20 years, she has demonstrated her talent as a winemaker and showcased the best of her lands...


Le Guide Vert 2020 by the Revue du Vin de France awards 3 stars, its highest distinction, to Christine Vernay, for the excellence of her wines.


Wines take time to develop. Promises that will be delivered in time... Come back for future updates!

Sensitivity, Technicality, Expertise

«I spend time in my cellar
where I take care of my wines.
Our jobs would quickly take us away,
but for a wine to tell a story one day,
it demands no other presence
but our attention,
for us to listen, our time ».

Christine Vernay

Fine wines are those that tell a story This means that those who make them give of themselves, offering up their innermost sensitivities. It also requires a perfect command of the production and vinification procedures that allow this sensitivity to flourish through a process that must be faultless. It is a story of technicality and expertise. An everlasting profession.
The constant quest for perfection means reviewing the working methods every year. Work begins in the vines. Christine Vernay walks the slopes of her hillsides, observing and listening; this is what guides her work in the cellar.
Managing the vinification process allows her to follow her intuition. This means giving the wine the conditions that will allow it to reveal and bring out the best of its terroir.

Listening and understanding, getting closer to the uniqueness of the future vintage and guiding it, caring for it, without too much intervention. Everything is monitored gently and accurately to achieve excellence.