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Values & Teams


A history of commitment(s) and toil.

Three generations have helped elevate the Estate to this level of excellence. This is a story of commitment and hard work, with the greatest respect for the land, the vine and the men and women who work it.
Achieving the most exquisite possible expression of the vintage is not guaranteed; a rarefied terroir, consecutive vines, a wine created through effort, patience, listening, attentiveness, etc.
Here, this always means giving your best, sticking to your values and following your beliefs, caring by relying on the support of skilled teams, trained in the specific features of the Estate and charmed by Christine Vernay’s strong beliefs.

« Here the vine grows
in the shadow of those who craft it »
Georges Vernay


The reputation of such a renowned Estate is also forged by the men and women who work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

After running the Estate alone for over 10 years, Christine is now assisted in the vineyard by her younger brother Luc Vernay, who manages and supervises the field teams. Together they oversee the people who are involved in and committed to the adventure. Depending on the time of year, up to forty people work at the Estate, carrying out the essential tasks required by organic farming on the steep slopes, where everything is done by hand.

General Management

Estate Management

Christine has been responsible for the Estate since 1996. She establishes the strategy, makes decisions, manages the teams and ensures its development, but above all, she alone is responsible for the winemaking process.

The Vineyard Team

Co-Management of the Estate

For 10 years, Luc has supported Christine and mainly manages the work in the vineyard. He is also remarkably effective in the cellar during the grape harvest or bottling.

Parcel Manager

Like Jean-Luc, Alain knows the Estate’s lands like the back of his hand. He watches over the plantations along with the winter work, he monitors the hillsides daily, as well as managing the teams during the harvest.

Parcel Manager

For 20 years, Jean-Luc has implemented the Estate's crop growing ethos. He manages the work with the vines, planting, pruning, carries out Christine’s experiments to move towards ever more sustainable farming methods. Always highly committed, he says that the plants are “like his children”.

Parcel Manager

Alongside Alain and Jean-Luc, Cyril handles the daily monitoring of the Estate. He manages and organises the teams, deals with the equipment, maintains the access paths on the steep hillsides, etc.

Vineyard employee

Vineyard employee, John is a permanent employee at the Estate. He works as much on winter work as during the harvest.

The Cellar Team

Cellar & vineyard manager

Under Christine Vernay’s leadership, Manon conducts the work in the cellar and ensures daily monitoring of the evolution of the wines. She is also responsible for organizing the work of the teams in the vineyards.

Cellar Trainee

César joined the cellar team during the 2019 harvest. Currently on work-based apprenticeship programme, he will train at the Estate for 2 years in order to learn what he needs to continue the adventure, either here or elsewhere!

Cellar Employee

Fatma joined the cellar team in addition to her tasks in the vineyard. She helps to monitor the wines and with the daily maintenance in the cellar.


Sales Management

For over 20 years, Paul has marketed the Estates wines and their distribution in France and abroad, dealing with the most prestigious customers. He is also involved in welcoming people to wine cellar visits.


Estate administration

Christine Vernay’s genuine right-hand, Séverine manages everything to do with the daily running of the Estate, from customer relations to preparing declarations, administrative follow-up to employee monitoring, reception at the cellar to...

Logistics and shipping

Within the Estate, Marjorie is in charge of shipping logistics (labeling, packaging, shipping) and monitoring shipments to customers.